Multiple Pathways to Recovery

The Summit Recovery Hub supports the multiple pathways of recovery.  We realize that recovery is not a "one-size-fits-all" matter and is highly personal for each person.  We focus on improving health and wellness, living a self-directed life and striving to reach one's full potential across the four dimension of recovery:  Health, Home, Purpose and Community.

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 Buddhist practices of meditation, self-inquiry, wisdom, compassion, and community as tools for recovery and healing

Mindfulness Buddhist Principles

SMART stands for Self Management and Recovery Training. The SMART approach is secular and science based, using cognitive behavioral therapy and non confrontational motivational methods

LifeRing is based the belief that everyone has the power to overcome addiction and on the “3S”: Sobriety, Secularity, and Self Help

Faith-Based (Christian) Recovery

Activity Wellness Recovery