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Effective April 7, 2022, Peer Recovery Supporter certification has moved to the eLicense platform.

All applications will be processed online through the E-License platform at

Peer Recovery Supporters (PRS) is an all-inclusive term consisting of peer specialists, recovery coaches, and peer supporters. In order to have a formal certification, individuals delivering peer services needed to have one title for consistency. Peer Recovery Supporter was chosen as it represents the three largest sections of the current peer workforce.

In the State of Ohio, to be eligible to be certified as a Peer Recovery Supporter (PRS), you must have a direct lived experience of mental health and/or substance use issues. “Direct lived experience” means that you are personally in recovery from a mental health and/or substance use issue (having a friend or family member in recovery does not qualify you for PRS certification). 

Please note that individuals may not be certified as a PRS while on probation, parole or any type of court sanction. Individuals may complete training and take the PRS Certification Exam while on probation/parole/court sanction, but you will need to wait until after your probation/parole/court sanction has ended to apply for certification as a PRS.

There are 3 pathways to PRS certification. Click directly on each pathway for instructions:

Requirements for Ohio Peer Recovery Supporter (PRS) Certification:

In addition to the training or work experience noted above, the following is required for a complete and compliant PRS certification application:

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