Summit Recovery Hub

A Recovery Community Organization for Summit County, Ohio

The Summit Recovery Hub

The Summit Recovery Hub began in 2022 as a vision to amplify and augment recovery-oriented systems of care in Summit County, Ohio.  Our goal is to inform the community about what recovery is and how to support and sustain that recovery as individuals and as a community.  

Our Story to Date - 2022

"For nearly two decades I've been working in the recovery support space and have constantly wondered why our systems are so difficult to navigate and for more people to gain a foothold in sustaining their recovery.

The Summit Recovery Hub aims to be a backbone of recovery support for anyone seeing recovery."

China Krys Darrington
Summit Recovery Hub

Mission of the project

Summit Recovery Hub is dedicated to promoting sustained recovery by providing connection, pro-social community activity, support and advocacy to those affected by substance use and mental health disorders.


Summit Recovery Hub envisions a community where hope and connection to a supportive community has the power to transform lives, families and communities. 



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