Dawn Boykin

Dawn Boykin, Board Member

Dawn Boykin is in a holistic recovery after 30+ years of active substance use and addiction.  She describes her entire life revolving around that lifestyle affecting her mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  She experienced homelessness for years and got to the point where she believed she was beyond hope.  She has experienced both the criminal justice system as well as corrections.  She feels that when her treatment experiences started to address her trauma and mental health that recovery started to stick and she grew a passion for making that her lifestyle now. 

She has worked in the recovery field, sharing her experiences and helping others find their pathway to sustaining their own recovery, as a recovery house manager, a recovery coach, and today is a case manager for a prominent Summit County treatment provider, working with women and their children and helping them with transitional support.  She volunteers with many agencies and lends her beautiful voice to the Recovery Choir.  

She loves to help people realize that recovery is for them and that it is a return to wellness on the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions.  She believes in treating each individual with the dignity and respect they deserve as they change their lives.

Dawn is involved in the Summit Recovery Hub because she has a passion to use her lived experience, coupled with the love and compassion she has for others that are experiencing challenges with substance use and mental health issue, and knows that having that one person to connect with, and to guide you to the community services and resources that can help someone understand their disorders, address and stabilize that and go on to help them flourish in their recovery.